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These objectives tie in with the Scottish Community and government aims which include

  • A healthier community

  • A competitive educated and working community

  • A welcoming vibrant and confident community

  • An inclusive fair and caring community

  • A greener and more sustainable community

The objectives of the trust are

  • To advance and support recreational facilities, recreational activities and public spaces within the community;

  • To advance the arts, heritage, culture and sport;

  • To advance education, health and social care;

  • To advance and support local projects for the relief of poverty, financial hardship, and disability.

  • To advance and support projects for environmental protection or improvement.

  • To advance citizenship and community development within the Community;

  • To advance and support local business development and local employment opportunities.

  • To advance and support other schemes which are in furtherance of the purposes of the Trust and for the benefit of the Community, but such that the company shall do so following the principles of sustainable development.

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